Burns night 2009


About 180 people join us at the Vsebaracnicka Rychta for another celebration of the Bard. Not up to the top market standards of 2005-06; but the lower cost enables us to bring in more people for a great night of poetry, dancing music and whisky!


23 January 2009

Vsebaracnicka Rychta, Prague

Event credits:

Organiser and chairman: Vaclav Rout, Friends of Scotland

Music by Alastair & band: Alastair Edwards, more...

Address to Haggis and Immortal Memory in Czech - Tomáš Karger

Immortal Memory (English) - Richard Hunter

Venue: Vsebaracnicka Rychta. More...

Piping: William ‘Chip’ Doehring & Vaclav Rout

Dance demonstration: Caledonian Club

Photographs courtesy of:

(GH) Gordon Howell, organiser & web site

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